The following RCCSS(C) Chat outlines the state of Sports Chiropractic Research within the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada) and the ongoing initiatives for the future. With presentations by Dr. Alex Lee, Chair of the RCCSS(C) Research and Education Committee, Dr. David Gryfe, Interim President of the FOUNDATION for the RCCSS(C), and the 2020 research award winners, it points the direction of Sports Chiropractic Research for 2021 and beyond.

The following authors were award winners in the 2020 Foundation Research Awards. Congratulations to the deserving authors.

Dr. John De Finney Research Funding Grant - Perceptual-cognitive capacity as a determinant of clinical recovery in athletes’ post-concussion – Dr. Alexandre Deschamps

Sheryn Posen Research Funding Grant Award - An international Delphi study to identify sports chiropractic global research priorities – Dr. Melissa Belchos

Research Funding Grant - Is there an association between measurements of passive hip rotation range of motion in young active participants in three different postures? – Dr. Orion Katayama

Outstanding Paper - Non-surgical treatment of patellar tendinopathy: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials - Trevor Vander Doelen

Outstanding Paper - Conservative management of Morel-Lavallée lesion: a case study - Trevor Vander Doelen - video here

Jamie Laws Academic Achievement Award - Arif Karmali

Award of Excellence - Arif Karmali

Award of Excellence - Dale Macdonald

The following research papers were award winners in the 2019 Foundation Research Awards. Congratulations to the deserving authors.

The Effect of IA-HVLA Manipulation to the Midfoot of Asymptomatic Adult Sprinters on Performance During a Unilateral Horizontal Drop Jump Test: A Pilot Project.
Dr. Spencer Bell

The Effectiveness of the FIFA11+ at Improving Sport Performance Metrics: A Systematic Review
Dr. Matt Wentzell


The first sport-focused research agenda for Canadian sports chiropractors – a consensus study using the Delphi technique.

A Consensus Project to Define Standardized Criteria to Classify Athlete Samples For Sports Research

Chiropractic clinicians recording of exercise in minutes per week following a focused education module

Other Research:

Presumptive spondylogenic pruritus a case study Leonard Faye Brian Budgell