Your support matters 

The Foundation oversees 2 separate and distinct donation funds; 

Firstly, the Foundation for the RCCSS(C) which supports research and researchers in the sports chiropractic research world.
Donate to the Foundation for the RCCSS(C) here;

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Secondly, The Wendy Porter Memorial Research Grant which contributes to sports chiropractic research, a field that Wendy Porter strongly supported.
Donate to the Wendy Porter Memorial Research Grant here;

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One time or monthly donations by credit card through Canada Helps- a small processing fee is deducted from donation. Tax receipts emailed

The opportunities to you will include but are not limited to:

Providing financial support. This can include tax-deductible gifts by you becoming an annual member or by assisting in fundraising. 

Relationship support by facilitating the involvement of prominent and influential people who can play a role as patrons in our organization. The fundraising activities may include event organization or by providing us with corporate or individual network of people who can donate to our cause.

This will assist us in expanding our positive presence in the media, government, other philanthropic organizations, inter-professionally and public presence. These connections will open doors which will lead to expanded resources and improved cultural authority.


Your Ongoing Contribution may include:

Annual Membership fee of $120 -1,000 (charitable donation). See Donor Levels below.

Provide names of other suitable members to THE FOUNDATION (FRCCSS).

Provide contacts of prominent persons who you think may let their names stand for nomination for a board of patrons (professional, celebrity or amateur athletes etc.).

Make a specific donation to THE FOUNDATION (FRCCSS). See attached donor levels.

Offer to be involved/ organize a fundraising or educational event.

Assist in stimulating or adjudicating research in sports medicine.

Provide names of corporations or individuals who will consider donating to THE FOUNDATION (FRCCSS(C)).

Provide names of leaders/decision makers in government/other foundations/lotteries/educational institutions who will be able to supply funds or resources.

Offer to serve on the board of directors or a committee of THE FOUNDATION (FRCCSS(C)) and play a role in deciding how the funds are to be distributed.

Suggest other ways that the charitable resources could be raised.

Volunteer your time in doing some administrative work for our organization.