Sports Research

The following authors were award winners in the 2020 Foundation Research Awards. Congratulations to the deserving authors.

Dr. John De Finney Research Funding Grant - Perceptual-cognitive capacity as a determinant of clinical recovery in athletes’ post-concussion – Dr. Alexandre Deschamps

Sheryn Posen Research Funding Grant Award - An international Delphi study to identify sports chiropractic global research priorities – Dr. Melissa Belchos

Research Funding Grant - Is there an association between measurements of passive hip rotation range of motion in young active participants in three different postures? – Dr. Orion Katayama

Outstanding Paper - Non-surgical treatment of patellar tendinopathy: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials - Trevor Vander Doelen

Outstanding Paper - Conservative management of Morel-Lavallée lesion: a case study - Trevor Vander Doelen

Jamie Laws Academic Achievement Award - Arif Karmali

Award of Excellence - Arif Karmali

Award of Excellence - Dale Macdonald


The following research papers were award winners in the 2019 Foundation Research Awards. Congratulations to the deserving authors.

The Effect of IA-HVLA Manipulation to the Midfoot of Asymptomatic Adult Sprinters on Performance During a Unilateral Horizontal Drop Jump Test: A Pilot Project.
Dr. Spencer Bell

The Effectiveness of the FIFA11+ at Improving Sport Performance Metrics: A Systematic Review
Dr. Matt Wentzell


The first sport-focused research agenda for Canadian sports chiropractors – a consensus study using the Delphi technique.

A Consensus Project to Define Standardized Criteria to Classify Athlete Samples For Sports Research

Chiropractic clinicians recording of exercise in minutes per week following a focused education module

Other Research:

Presumptive spondylogenic pruritus a case study Leonard Faye Brian Budgell